If you are a parent of your growing kid, or if you have lovely nephew/nice or grandson/grand daughter, you are certainly buying toys and games from different sources. Having various toys of different kinds, it is obvious to choose the right kind of games that should be educational, be a source of fun and durable. Since, most of the kids in these days become fan of Peppa Pig toys, this type of games are widely available in the market. But, before putting an order online, you need to make sure that the peppa pig toys have educational value to your kid, whom you want to present the toy. Besides playing with such fun toys, you need to care about the development of math skills of the growing children. In this respect there are various programs of CDs and books providing different math games. This article discusses about the peppa pig toys that you can order through Kidzstore online and those cool math games available as the products of KIDSTORE.

Kidzstore Affiliated Peppa Pig Toys

Kidzstore affiliates Jumbo Peppa Pig Muddy Puzzle Game from Amazon. The game itself carries everything that you expect and is perfect for children. It’s cute, and colorful, with simple game play. Sure there are going to be moments when the child is more interested in certain pieces than actually playing the game. It could be one of the most attractive gifts to play with by your son/daughter, nephew/niece, or grandson/grand daughter. It is more than playing with a set of peppa pig toys and worth every penny you spend.

Educational Audio and Video Programs

You can find many different math games in the Kidzstore online for children of different ages. All these math games and toys make your children learn different math skills with colorful sets of games. It sales CDs and Books that makes math fun with these cool audio and video programs! Each audio title includes a CD featuring a variety of dynamic songs and a book with reproducible puzzles, worksheets, and math games. The high interest for learners of all abilities include Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication featuring for children up to 18.

Some of its audio Video programs are:

  • Addition and Subtraction Rock CD + Book
  • Division RAP CD + Book
  • Division Rock CD + Book
  • Multiplication Country CD + Book, etc.

There is also Wrap up Audio cassette or math games kit designed to fit the needs of resource centers and libraries. It’s perfect for working with small groups of students with varying degrees of math ability. Included are 6 sets each of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions for a total of 30 sets. You’ll also receive the 4 correspond Wrap-up Rap audio cassettes, the Skip Counting Video with Audio cassette, as well as out Math Facts teaching manual, and all four of our new 32 page math games books.

You can order for all these educational games to KIDZSTORE online.

Another Cinderella Story

Baby Toys for your Kids


Looking for baby toys for own or friends or relatives’ kids, whom you’d like to wish on the occasion of birthday, or offer a complement, because the kid is your near and dear one. Despite there are many toy stores within your reach, it is important to note that most of these baby toys do not carry any educational value to the kids. Rather, many are distracting or become source of dirt or diseases to the kids’ health. That’s why you need to buy kids toys and games that have real educational value, they are suitable for the children and they’ve good value for your money. KIDZSTORE sales these types of baby toys at its online store. This article highlights some of the baby toys, which are available at KIDZSTORE and also warns about essential safety factors.

Different Baby Toys at KIDZSTORE

Alphabet Bean Bags:  Kids will love tossing around their ABCs, learning letters, and building words. Each of the 26 bean bags is made of soft, cuddly felt. Bean bags are embroidered with uppercase letters on one side and lowercase letters on the other. Letters are color coded, consonants in blue and vowels in bright red.


Bean Bags 3X3 12 Pack Nylon Cover:  Nylon Covered Bean bags in blue, green, red, and yellow, filled with plastic bead filling; 1 dozen per color.

There are many other different baby toys in Bean bags with color alphabets and numbers, 10/pk, 8/pk 6/pk etc. Many of those could be worth presentable for your favorite kids. KIDZSTORE also review its Baby toys inventory with new products in almost every month. In addition to its own products, you will find attractive baby toys and games from Amazon on its side bar.

 Safety Factors for Baby Toys

Almost all toys are for fun, while Toys at KIDZSTORE add educational value as extra benefit. However, while you order for baby toys, you must pay attention to the safety aspects by making sure of the following factors:

Age Class:   The baby toys must match with the age class of the kid, so that your kid gets the appropriate education that is designed for. Again, a lower aged kid receiving a toy designed for a higher age class, likely to mishandle or meet accident while misplaying with it. Also you need to be sure that your minor kid does not chew or eat the smaller pieces of the baby toys, which might be fatal to the kid.

Cleanliness:  In most of the cases kids fall sick by inhaling germs that lie with their playthings. Many of the baby toys, often contaminate with dirt and infectious germs after short duration of use of those. Hence, packing and preservation case of the toys are to be considered to make sure that those are not unhealthy while your baby touches those.  KIDZSTORE’s baby toys are mostly packed in Bean bags, by which you can prevent contamination of dust and dirt before and after playing with those.

Ordering for Baby Toys

Ordering for baby toys from the KIDZSTORE online is very simple. Just, choose the one best match for you and ORDER online. You can checkout of the items from your cart by your PayPal.

Another Cinderella Story


Whenever you are searching fun games and toys for your kid you certainly look for those having educational value. Among many different online toy-stores, at KIDZSTORE you can buy kids toys and games that have real play value, suitable for the children they’re made for at good value of money at our online store. In addition to many playthings, there are also different videos and movies you can choose from Amazon through KIDZSTORE site. This article talks about “Another Cinderella Story” which is one of the most popular movies for kids and teenagers. After your kids have undergone good exercises with the creative playthings, they deserves to enjoy the movie that will be of great relax as well as fun and learning about fairy tales. Another Cinderella Story is one of such movies that would be loved by your children. This article, thus glimpses the gist of the Another Cinderella Story movie.

Another Cinderella Story

Another Cinderella story is a modern twist on the original story of Cinderella. It’s a highly recommended movie for children who stopped believing in fairy tales. Some people might think that fairy tales are overrated, or that no one would work so hard to find someone just by their shoes, but this movie proves it possible. In the movie Another Cinderella Story, Selena Gomez plays the role of Mary Santiago portrays the modern version of Cinderella. In Another Cinderella Story her character suffers torture of the woman she works for and her two daughters. Her life is basically no gain, all pain.  But just like in Cinderella, one night everything changes.

It all began with the announcement for the school dance. Mary‘s  friend convinced her to go despite all her chores by her evil boss. Her boss’s daughter also happens to go to the same school, which just makes it more difficult for Mary to attend the school dance. But since it was a masquerade dance, Mary manages to go there. When they arrive at the dance, Mary realizes that she’s the only person in red which makes everyone notice her. Then she mesmerizes everyone with her dancing skills as she dances with the most popular guy in school, Joey Parker.  Just like in Cinderella, Mary had to go home by midnight so that her boss wouldn’t find out. In a hurry, she left her zune in the school and Joey picks it up. Then the search begins in the school to find out the owner of the zune by asking the first three songs in the playlist.  In Another Cinderella Story the other high school girls try to convince the ‘Prince’, that it Joey, that they are the one dancing with him the other night, but they all fail. At the very end, Mary proves to Joey by her dancing skills and Cinderella is found.

So what Another Cinderella Story truly shows that it doesn’t matter which era you live in, or how torturing your life is, fairy tales can happen anytime, anywhere, and in anyone’s life. Therefore, Another Cinderella Story gets them to believe in fairy tales, which is frankly, really rare these days.

Another Cinderella Story


Among the kids fun games monster high cartoon is one of the most popular games, particularly to the girls. It is hard to find girls who never played with the monster high cartoon as it makes lot of games, one of such most popular game is known as monster high dress-up games. You may buy all fun games and toys for kids at Kidzstore online to make your children learn different skills with colorful sets of games. Kids may use those colorful sets for making dresses or styling hair, eyes etc of the monster high cartoon. They can play monster high dress-up games and other games related to monster high toys.

Kids Fun Games Set Online

You will find many kids fun games in the Kidzstore online. Besides a good Kidzstore’s own collection of games and toys there are monster high games from Amazon, one of which is Monster High Nefera de Nile Doll. The ghouls from monster high are freakishly fabulous! The Doll is fully articulated so she can be posed in many different ways. Nefera de Nile is the daughter of the Mummy and big sister to Cleo de Nile. The product includes doll, pet scarab beetle azura, diary, doll stand, brush, and other accessories. You can collect all your favorite monster high dolls from Amazon!

Monster high dress-up Games

The monster high dress-up game is an amazing game for girls till 14 years Old. There is a variety of characters to choose from, each of which has huge clothing selections to dress up the doll from. It is absolutely perfect for little ones who love to play dress up because dressing up your dolls just got to a new level. Some examples of the monster high dress-up games are Ghoulia, Draculara, Catrine DeMew, Toraleis, Monster Date etc. All the various characters and unique clothing make these games favorable to a wide range of children. Also if someone really loves monster high, they are bound to love this games as well. They can choose their favorite from all the familiar characters. Which kid wouldn’t want to play a game that involves their favorite character?

If a kid does not prefer dressing up monster high dolls online, he/she can just purchase the doll and dress them up in person. It would probably be the best toy they could ever have, I mean who wouldn’t love it? Either ways: virtually or physically, dressing up your doll, especially monster high doll is a real fun game. Remember those times when you were a kid and used to dress up your dolls, or dressed yourself up in your mom’s clothes? If you do, then you would remember how much time you spent doing that. Your child will remain very busy with these monster high dress-up games just like you did when you used to play dress up. So hurry up and introduce you child to the monster high games and dolls NOW!!!

Another Cinderella Story


When you visit baby depot whether physically or online for buying toys for your children, you mostly look for ‘Fun games’ or Toys that are liked by your kids. But, at the end, you always think of ‘value for the money’ that you are paying. So, now you have to take the right decision before you order for fun games and toys to a baby depot. This writing guides you for your right selection of toys or fun games from the right baby depot. Just visit KIDZSTORE, where you can buy kids toys and games that have real play value, suitable for the children they’re made for at good value of money at their online store. This article introduce you some of the most attractive fun games and toys that are available in that baby depot.

 Cool Math Games

Your children’s math skills could be developed in two ways, one is through math exercises using pen and paper; the other way is to take part in simple maths like: addition, subtraction, division and multiplication using figures and numbers in the computer. In addition to the fun games available in the baby depot, various types of calculation exercises can be found in the internet . But, you need to make a balance between the real life math solutions in pen and paper and the use of the computer, so that the children are not fully dependent on screen based exercises. In this respect, math games sold online by the KIDZSTORE provide both options. Presently following cool math games are available in the KIDZSTORE:

Addition & Subtraction Rock CD+Book: Make math fun with these cool audio and video programs! Each audio title includes a CD featuring a variety of dynamic songs and a book with reproducible puzzles, worksheets, and games.

Division RAP CD + Book: Make math fun with these cool audio and video programs! Each audio title includes a CD featuring a variety of dynamic songs and a book with reproducible puzzles, worksheets, and games.

Multiplication Rock CD: Multiplication Rock CD Have similar features as discussed above.

These games through reproducible puzzles and worksheets not only put your kids into math exercises, rather the games are made interesting for kids and they learn math as they play with. Here KIDZSTORE makes its products different from other baby depot around you or available online.

The more specialties of KIDZSTORE fun games are these toys are long lasting and not one-time use as held in many baby depot. Rather, the range of use of the toys is kept wide enough, so that children of varying age can play with one single toy. Or, in other words, the toys remain useful to your child for over long period of time both for playing and learning.

With so much of benefits provided by toys in the KIDZSTORE, it becomes your most favorite baby depot, where you will find games for fun as well as for developing math skills of your child. The red button below takes you to the KIDZSOTRE ‘Cool Math Games’ site.

Another Cinderella Story

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